Episode 41: Episode 41

  Welcome to 2019! On this episode of No Refunds: Laughter! Something, you’re a something and I’ve never heard that song! BURP! I’m so mad […]

Episode 40: A Few of Our Favorite Things (2018)

Our fearless hosts break down their top 5 favorite things about 2018! It was a year filled with ups and downs and they are here […]

Episode 39: Press XX to Go

  We’re sliding into the end of November like something that slides into something else! What? Who knows!   Hey, we did it! We’re still […]


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VHS Bandits

Kev-Bot, Dane Train, and Topher are bringing long lost VHS movies back from the past! They watch movies found on VHS tapes and review them on their podcast!

Kurland On Film

Scott is watching movies and telling you what he sees since 2010! Find the Kurland on Film podcast, blog, and Writer’s Bagel Basket podcast here!